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Adonai Roi

November, 2016

Adonai Roi

  • History and Update

In 1996, the Lord prompted Avi and Chaya to open a home group Bible study.  This group was made up of people from the Tel Aviv-Yafo area. Many of who came to salvation in Yeshua through the witness of the Dugit Center.  As the Bible study grew rapidly, the Lord led Avi to start a congregation with these same people.  The congregation opened and was given the name Adonai Roi, which means, “The Lord is my Shepherd.”

At Adonai Roi, we have grown and sent out many of those who were raise in our congregation.  Two more congregations have been born out of Adonai Roi and are being a great light in each of their local communities.  Many of the people who started out with us were single men and women, who now have become husbands and wives with families of their own.  God has blessed us with a whole new generation of young ones to come forth and be a light in this darkening city.

  • Youth with a Purpose

For some, the hardest time in their lives is being a youth.  At Adonai Roi, we believe in discipleship from an early age in order to strengthen each person’s walk with the Lord.  Over the past year, Elior has taken great initiative to encourage, pray, and teach the Word to the youth of the congregation.  At first, this effort was met with resistance from the youth themselves. However, over time we have started to see the youth participate in worship, share the word, and pray fervently.  This success is all due to the grace of God, who has worked in the hearts of so many children as they grow into young adults.  Join us in prayer for the youth of our nation. Pray that the Lord will continue to open their hearts and fill them more and more with His love that they may be the greatest light Israel has ever seen for the Glory of God.