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Coming Together in Unity and Prayer

September, 2015

VIP LOGOEarlier this month, Avi and a group of local Israeli Pastors gathered in the VIP tower for a time of prayer and encouragement.   This Prayer Room on the 12th floor is very important in that it provides the opportunity for believers from all around the city of Tel Aviv Jaffa to gather and pray together to see the hand of God move in Tel Aviv.

We currently have 10 “prayer watches” per week that involve various congregations! We are so thankful for the various ways we see God using this “set apart” room that overlooks our city.

If you plan to bring a group to Israel, both large and small please plan to visit us in our Prayer Tower in Tel Aviv. We welcome believers from around the world to join us in prayer!

If you have it in your heart to partner with us in this ministry you can through the following ways:vippastors

Prayer: Please pray for an increase in the unity and fervency of prayer among the congregations in Tel Aviv.

Financial Support: The monthly cost of keeping the VIP prayer tower open to the local congregations is $3,300. If you would like to specifically support the prayer tower, please make your check out to Dugit USA with a note “For the Prayer Tower”.