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Dugit Distribution Has Expanded!

September, 2015

DugitDistributionLOGOWe are happy to report that we have recently signed a new contract for a larger space to house our food distribution ministry.   This new space will allow us to more than triple the amount of families we assist per month (100). Until today, this has not been possible due to a lack of space. Praise God for His provision! During evening hours, this room will also serve as a temporary meeting space for Bible studies and fellowship groups until we purchase a new home for the Dugit Outreach Center.

The Dugit Distribution Center is a practical way to show the love of Yeshua to those in need in Tel Aviv. Is it in your heart to support this work?

If so, you can partnerdistribution4 with us through the following ways:

Prayer: Please continue to pray that the light of Yeshua would shine upon the hearts of all whom come seeking help.

Financial Support: We are currently praying for 100 donors who will commit to supporting one family per month at $40 per month. This will also help us with the overhead cost of the facility ($4,000/month).  If you would like to be one of the 100 donors, email Stephen at stephen@dugit.org

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial contributions toward this ministry!