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Dugit Distribution Update

February, 2018

At Dugit we believe that reaching out to those who are less fortunate, is an integral
part of our faith. We believe this because Yeshua demonstrated this example for us
during the time that He walked this earth. So why should it be any different now? It
is so easy to get caught up in everyday life and with our own problems that we do
not take a moment to look around at the hurting and wounded around us.

Many years ago, we felt strongly to make helping those in need a priority and for
this reason we began the “Mercaz Chaluka” (Distribution Center). Our goal, to help
and support the needy and poor of Tel Aviv, has not changed over the past years but
rather has been strengthened with the knowledge that what we are doing is
inevitably showing the love of Yeshua to these people who are so desperate to feel
His love in their lives. Yes we do our best to help these precious people with their
physical needs, but most importantly we seek to help them spiritually.

When these precious people come to receive their food and clothing, we sit with
them and make every effort to truly connect with them and see how they are doing.
For those that are open to share, we listen and then ask if we can pray with them.
Amazingly, though most of them are not religious or even believe in God, they are
happy to let us lay hands on them and pray to God to help them with whatever it is
they need. As we talk and pray with them, there is a real softening of their hearts as
they begin to open up. It is in these tender moments that we are able to truly
minister to them and tell them about Yeshua. It is our goal to communicate that it is
because of the love that Yeshua has shown us that we are able to reach out to them
and care about what is going on in their lives.

The work is hard and the opportunities are few. However, Denis and Nadia, the
managers of the center, have an amazing heart for these precious people and work
diligently to minister to both their physical and spiritual needs.
We want to thank you for both your financial and spiritual support. We could not do
it without you. Recently, Avi has felt it on his heart to increase the number of
families that we support. This is both exciting and challenging. It gives us an even
greater opportunity to reach more souls for the kingdom, but it also comes at a
higher cost. As always we believe that God will provide. He has not let us down yet!

We covet your prayers and support and thank you for anything that you can do to
help us reach out to the homeless, the hungry, and the Holocaust survivors that live
in Tel – Aviv.

Join us as we pray for an increase of more needy and less fortunate
people to come to the Distribution Center. Pray with us as we ask the Lord to touch
each heart to see and feel His love for them. Pray for laborers and volunteers to help

maintain the Distribution Center as it continues to grow and we experience more
fruit being produced everyday! Praise the Lord!

We are always looking to expand our Distribution Center to serve more
families in need. If you would like to give towards this mercy ministry please visit
our giving page at www.dugit.org/partner and select “Distribution Center” from
the dropdown menu. You may also send cash or check to the USA office (address
located on back). Please include a note that says