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November, 2016

Distribution Center

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A few years after the establishment of Dugit Messianic Outreach Center, Avi opened a food and clothing distribution center for the needy, homeless, and widows.  What started as five, maybe seven, needy people coming on a weekly basis, soon grew within less than a year to 40 families in need.  Since then, the amount of our distribution to the needy has grown tremendously.   God is good and has always provided for these people in miraculous ways.  We have moved our location a few times over the past few years because of space and lease prices increasing.  As a testimony of God’s faithfulness to provide all the time, we are proud to share a recent miracle for the Distribution Center.

About one month ago, Avi received a telephone call from the landlord of the Distribution Center in Tel Aviv. He stated that in one month the lease agreement would be finished, and he would not be able to renew with us because of plans to develop the property.  That same day, Avi found a larger place to rent at an agreeable price right across from the other property.  After meeting the landlord and seeing the place, we signed the papers to start leasing the new property immediately.  Praise The Lord!

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In the Distribution Center, we give food and other supplies to the needy, poor, and widows according to the various holidays and seasons.  However, our main focus is to see these precious people come to know the Lord as their personal Savior.  We pray daily for those who will come through our ministry each week.  We have seen God act in awesome ways as these people ask for prayer over different situations or sicknesses in their lives.  It is so exciting to see God giving new hope and joy to people at their lowest point in life.  Pray with us for these precious people, who are so ready for the true Savior of Israel to heal them.

If you would like to contribute to our Distribution Center, please visit ww.dugit.org/partner and select “Distribution Center” from the dropdown menu.  You can also send a check made out to “Dugit” to the following address (please include a separate memo “Distribution Center”)


PO BOX 60099

Jacksonville, FL 32236