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November, 2016

Dugit Outreach Center

  • History + Update

avichaydugithistoryIn 1984, Avi Mizrachi flew to the United States with the mission to become wealthy in Las Vegas.  On his way to the city of gambling, Avi stopped in Florida to visit his sister who had been living there with her husband for several years.  While in Florida, Avi’s sister invited him to visit the local church she was attending at the time.  At first, Avi said no. However, after a little nudge from his big sister he agreed to visit…just once.  This visit changed his life as he heard of God our Loving Father for the first time.

Avi then agreed to attend the church’s young people’s camp, mostly for the sports he had heard would be there.  At one of the camp’s evening session, Avi heard about God as our loving Father again.  So moved by the message, Avi ran crying to his room, knelt down beside his bed, and prayed that God would forgive him of his sins and make him clean through His son Yeshua.  In that moment, Avi felt a true sense of peace overcome and surround him.

Through a series of miracles, Avi met his wife Chaya, and they were married that same year.  Very soon, Avi and Chaya found themselves back in Israel building a life together.  They felt the Lord calling them into the ministry to preach the good news to those on the streets in the cities. God opened a miraculous door for Avi to study with his wife at the Dallas CFNI Bible Institute.  After completing his studies at the institute, Avi felt they needed to return home to the city of Tel Aviv to preach the good news to all who would hear.

At first, Dugit was established as a messianic art gallery and bookstore inviting people to come and experience the dugit-historylove of God.  The venue quickly expanded into a coffee shop that also offered live music on some evenings.  Since the beginnings in the late 80s, Dugit has remained true to the mission and vision Avi and Chaya had to preach the gospel to all who would hear in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel.  God has blessed this vision by opening the eyes of countless people to see that God is a loving father, who wants a personal relationship with each of them.

  • Outreach

In Hebrew, dugit means a small fishing boat.  Dugit is an evangelistic center in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo.  Dugit’s main mission is to be a light in a dark city by sharing the good news with all that would hear of salvation through Yeshua.  By God’s grace, we have remained true to that mission. We have seen the fruits of our labor come forth over the many years of our operation here in downtown Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The past couple years have been more of a challenge because we lack a facility from which to do outreaches. We are in the process of purchasing facilities for the Dugit Outreach Center.  Please join us in prayer for God to provide the perfect home for the Dugit Center.  Until we have a home base of operations, we will continue developing and looking for new and innovative ways to reach others with the good news of Yeshua.

dugit-update-outreach-3This past year, we have been spreading the light of Yeshua with a variety of people in large areas across Tel Aviv.  Dugit endeavors to go to different areas of the city to hand out gospel tracks, Bibles, food to the homeless. We would also like to visit hospitals and to develop relationships with each person we come into contact with.  During the past few wars and military operations here in Israel, Dugit has been on the front lines bringing food and care packages to the fighting soldiers, as well as visiting children in bomb shelter camps.  In addition to our ministry in Israel, Dugit has conducted outreaches around the world in places like India, Jordan, Greece, China, and more.  These outreaches have targeted indigenous peoples and more recently refugees from surrounding Arab countries.   Please pray that God will continue to take these small seeds of the Gospel we are scattering around the world, cause them to grow, and bear good fruit.  Praise the Lord!

If you would like to contribute to our Outreach Missions, please visit ww.dugit.org/partner and select “Dugit Outreach Center” from the dropdown menu.  You can also send a check made out to “Dugit” to the following address (please include a separate memo “Dugit Outreach Center”)


PO BOX 60099

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