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“The Harvest is Ready and So Are We” By Avi Mizrachi

August, 2016

Shalom Dear Friends and Supporters!

I just wanted to take aFinland 2 moment and thank you for all of the encouragement and prayer we received after I shared what the Lord had put on my heart in my last newsletter article entitled “Are you Ready For a New Day in Israel?”.  In response to the leading of the Lord, over the past month we have been working hard to create new avenues by which to share the Gospel.  And, as we are faithful, we are seeing the Lord meet us in our boldness!Finland 4

For example, in June I was invited to speak at the Mid-Summer Conference in Keuruu, Finland.  Upon my arrival, I was amazed to see the huge tents that they were able to put up at this conference.  About 30,000 people came to this event from all over Finland!

One evening, after the conference meeting was over, my friend Harun and I had the opportunity to meet with refugees from Bagdad, Iraq who had been invited to the conference.  All of these men had Muslim backgrounds.  During our time together, I was asked to share my testimony with them. As out time came to a close, several of them came to me and accepted Yeshua as their Messiah and Lord! We rejoiced with them as they entered the Kingdom of God!Finland 5

Please take a moment and read through some of our recent blog posts so that you can get an idea of some of the other outreach activities that have been going on (Independence Day Outreach, Island Breeze Outreach).  We are so thankful not only for the faithfulness of God, but also the faithfulness of you, our friend and partner.  Together, we can accomplish what the Lord has put in our heart!  Please continue to pray for my family and the whole Dugit team as we labor together in the ripe harvest field of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Blessings in Messiah, Avi Mizrachi