Dugit Living Stones Tour 2018 - Dugit

Living Stones Tour 2018

June, 2018


Experience Life in Israel!

Dugit started the Living Stones Tour out of a desire that Chaya and I had to spend quality time in Israel with friends and supporters from around the world. Every year, many Christians from many different countries come to visit Israel to see the historical sites but few actually connect with the community of local believers in the land. The goal of this tour is to provide an opportunity for visitors to not only experience the historic stones but the living stones as well!

Did you know that the believing community in Israel makes up less than 1% of the total population of Israel? It is our goal to immerse each traveler in the reality of living as a believer in the land of Israel.

Eight days on the ground in Israel with breakfast and dinner included
Fellowship, worship, and pray with the Mizrachi family, the Dugit team, and other local believers.
Guided tour through inspiring historical destinations from a local believers perspective.

I would like to invite you as my guest! I look forward to this time together.




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