Dugit March 2016 Building Update - Dugit

March 2016 Building Update

March, 2016

Shalom Friends and Supporters,

It is with great joy that I report that we have just over $1,000,000 sitting in a designated account her in Tel Aviv!   Chaya and I are so grateful for the generosity displayed by so many of you who believe in the work that God has established here at Dugit. However, I must be honest when I say that the commercial real estate market here in Tel Aviv is very tough. It is estimated that the value of commercial real estate has gone up 20% (30% in some places) just in the last year alone! Because of this rise, the original facility that we were looking at is no longer in our price range. Over the past month, we have spent countless hours looking at possible locations, negotiating with owners, and talking with Lawyers. At this point, we are still on the lookout for where God is directing us. Now more than ever I ask that you would partner with us in prayer, asking that God would speak to us and direct us to the exact place he would have us. We are believing for His best!
Thank you,

Avi Mizrachi