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Mizrachi Family Update

November, 2016

Mizrachi Family Update

Over the past year, much has changed in the lives of the Mizrachi family, but they still remain the same loving and caring family.

devora-diploma-mizrachi-familyAvi and Chaya will celebrate 32 years of marriage this year.  Avi continues to serve as the director of Dugit Ministries, to pastor Adonai Roi, and to serve on numerous boards both local and international.  Avi still finds time to have Shabbat meals, and road trips with the family, as long as there is good ice cream.  Chaya serves on the board of the Pro-Life ministry here in Israel called Be’ad Chaim (For Life).  Chaya is an essential part of the Dugit staff here in Tel Aviv.   Chaya uses her gifts of encouragement and vision implementing to take Dugit to new levels of ministry.  For over 30 years, Chaya has found time to be the mother to four wonderful daughters raising them to love the Lord with all their hearts.


Devorah and her husband, Dror, will be celebrating their three-year marriage anniversary this summer.  This past year, Devorah has played an important role in the research for the upcoming book by Avi, which is based on his life story and the incredible story of the rescue of all the Bulgarian Jews during WWII.  This year, Devorah received her Master’s Degree with honors in International Relations from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Devorah worked full time for the past year as a personal assistant for the CEO of Sony Ericsson here in Israel. Currently, she is helping Avi conduct research for the books he is writing on the amazing story of his family and Rabbi Daniel Zion from Bulgaria.  Amidst all of this work, Devorah still finds time to dance in the local folk dance coupe, spend time with her husband, who is studying to be a Medical Engineer, and to raise their cat Minnie, who is learning how to be a princess.


Sara and her husband, Nati, are celebrating their first year as a married couple.  Sarah continues to serve in Dugit as a special projects manager and children’s ministry coordinator.  Sara is continuing her studies at Hebrew Universitysarahnate-mizrachi-family for her Bachelor Degree in Bible and Israeli studies.  She intends to use this degree to become a certified teacher here in Israel’s public schools.  Sara has many hobbies as well.  She enjoys growing plants, dancing, singing, and spending time with her husband, who is studying music at Hebrew University.  They have a cat named Chupchuk (pronounced Choop Chook), who is learning how to sleep, eat, and repeat in a very effective manner.


Orel has kept busy this past year with her studies at the pre-military school for technical studies.  Orel recently completed her Associates Degree in Electronic avi-and-orel-family-updateEngineering and Programming with honors and ranked among the highest in her class! Please pray for Orel, as she has recently been inducted into the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) for her mandatory service.  Orel has also been active in promoting the Tel Aviv House of Prayer among the young generation here in Tel Aviv by hosting Monday night prayer and worship watches with youth in the VIP.  Orel spends her free time learning Latin Dances, hanging out with close friends, and spending quality time with her family and sisters.