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Nazareth Outreach

February, 2017

In Nazareth things look very different than in the times of Yeshua. The city has grown to be a major city in Israel boasting a population of over 110,000 people with 40% being Jewish and 60% being Arab.

This year on Christmas Eve we had the opportunity to do a joint outreach with the Arab believers in Nazareth. The Festival of Christmas is organized by the city for the Christian Arab community. This festival has grown to include the Christian Arab communities from the north, as well as Jewish tourists and locals. It is estimated that around 100,000 people visit the Festival of Christmas in Nazareth each year.

Throughout the city, there are booths set up with festive food and trinkets. On the main street, there are parades held throughout the day.

Avi, together with the Dugit staff, and some members of the Adonai Roi Congregation, joined with Local Arab believers to share the Gospel. They prepared a booth near the parade with a manger scene. Arabs and Jews from all over Israel came to the booth to take pictures and learn about Yeshua’s birth. Many of the Israeli Jews who came to experience ‘Christmas’ were surprised to learn that Yeshua was Jewish. We had the opportunity to share the Good News and to pray for many.

One woman came to the booth after hearing about the birth of the True Messiah and asked for prayer. As we started praying for her, the Holy Spirit moved in her heart and she cried tears of joy and repentance. We praise God for the souls who were reached with the Gospel of Yeshua’s birth, death, and resurrection!

Please join us in prayer for the seeds that were sown to grow and mature.

To learn more about this outreach, please view the exciting video on our website at (link to come).