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Why Partner with Dugit?

The salvation of the people of Israel has been in the heart of God for all time, but now is the day in which we are watching it unfold!

The cost of fulfilling the Great Commission in Israel is very high, much higher than the small but growing number of believers can alone carry. Specifically, Tel Aviv ranks among the top 5 most expensive cities in the world.

In His wisdom, the Lord has ensured that the path to fulfilling this vision is through the Body of Messiah coming together and building as a family. Become part of this prophetic story!

What is a Partner?

A Partner with Dugit Messianic Outreach is someone who knows that they are a playing a powerful part in the realization of the deep desire in the Heart of God to bring salvation to Israel. Partners play their role through prayer, volunteering, and financial giving.

What are Dugit Branches?

Dugit Branches are a unique group of monthly partners who ensure that Dugit does, even more, to see all of Israel saved. Your gift of $25 per month will help cover operating costs which include staff salaries, supplies, and outreach initiatives. As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a special edition Dugit Branches mug. You will also receive an exclusive Evangelism update video monthly! You can make your monthly commitment hassle free by setting up a reoccurring donation below.

ECFA's Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship are biblically fundamental to operating with integrity. Dugit Messianic Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax deductible in accordance with US law.

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  • dugit@dugit.org
  • “Please make checks payable to Dugit”
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  • DUGIT International
  • 83 Main St., Hockwold,
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  • PO BOX 37081, 2401F Millstream Rd
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  • For a tax exempt receipt, please mail checks payable to the "First Century Foundations" to the above address.