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Sharing the Love of Yeshua with the Refugee

March, 2016


Child Refugee 1As many of you know, the Syrian refugee crisis has been a hot topic in both political and religious circles since the civil war began in Syria almost 5 years ago. It is estimated that over 6 million people have been displaced internally in Syria and another 4.3 million have been registered under the name “refugee” in surrounding Middle Eastern nations. While the news mainly covers the larger refugee camps in Jordan, there are also a few large camps in Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece. According to various organizations in the region, 50% of the refugees from Syria are children who have lost everything. Like all of you, our hearts are moved by the compassion of God to do something to reach out to these innocent ones caught in the crossfires of political and religious turmoil.

“In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together.” Isaiah 19:23

In the above passage, God, through the prophet Isaiah, proclaims that a highway will be built from Egypt to Assyria through Israel.  Avi and Chaya truly believe that now is the time that the Lord is building that highway and that we as Israeli believers in the Land all have a calling in this prophecy.  Over the last few years we have seen the Lord do miracle after miracle as He unites Jewish Israeli believers and Arab Israeli believers in prayer, worship, and outreach. These are not acts of man but rather God showing His awesome power in restoring His love in the hearts of man.  We believe that in some way, God is going to use the turmoil going on in Syria to shine the light of the Gospel to the Muslim world.

Idomeni, Greece - November 29, 2015: Hundreds of immigrants are in a wait at the border between Greece and FYROM waiting for the right time to continue their journey from unguarded passagesSo, this summer, Dugit staff is putting together a team of Jewish and Arab Israeli believers to do outreach to the refugees that have washed up on the shores of Greece and entering through her boarders.  This is an awesome opportunity to show them the love of God, a powerful love that can bring two peoples together as one new man in Yeshua.  Some of the acts of love we are planning include giving out aid on the borders and camps, organizing worship and ministry sessions in the cities, receiving those who first arrive in the beaches with love and prayer, and spending quality time with the children in the camps.

We are asking all of our supporters to pray for us as we take on this endeavor to be a light of God’s Love in these dark times.  Please continue praying for all the victims of the Syrian civil war, that they may see the truth, and that their hearts and mind be healed and completely restored.

If you feel so led to partner with this mission financially, we have designated a special account entitled “refugee outreach”. All you have to do is mail a check to us in the included envelope and write “refugee outreach” on the outside of the envelope. You may also give by credit card by either clicking here (select “refugee outreach” in the dropdown menu) or calling our US offices at 866.492.8031.