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Shalom and Blessings from Tel-Aviv

March, 2018

I am amazed that 2017 has already come and gone and we are into 2018!
Time flies when we are busy with the work of the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior.
I just want to encourage you that the Lord is alive and at work here in the country of Israel and the city of Tel – Aviv.

The year 2017 was not without its challenges, but there were so many breakthroughs as well.
Whether it was the growth of our Distribution Center or the miracle of purchasing a home for the Dugit Outreach Center in the heart of Tel – Aviv we know that the Lord is at work in the nation of Israel.
I am so humbled and grateful for all that God did through the ministry of Dugit last year, and am so anticipating the miracles and salvation that 2018 will bring!

As always, all the glory goes to God! But, precious brothers and sisters our most profound gratitude goes out to you. Your prayers and support are what gives us the courage to keep keeping on with the great commission. We know that you stand behind us as we raise our voices and declare that the time has come for all Israel to be saved.

So, as we begin a new year, I thank you for your love, and support, and pray that God would bless you and all that you lay your hands to would be fruitful and multiply.

We have put together in the coming pages some of the highlights of 2017 so that you to can see God at work in the land of Israel and be encouraged with what the Lord is doing through your prayers and support.

Blessings in Our Messiah

Avi Mizrachi