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The Brewing of a Miracle

February, 2018

As we mentioned in our previous update, God has supernaturally answered our prayers and provided us with a property for the new Dugit Outreach Coffee House! We are still in awe of the fantastic way in which He has used the Body of Yeshua around the world to create this opportunity. We are humbled by what God has placed in our hands. If you had the chance to go and visit the storefront today, you would be a little discouraged as you walked around the old property. In the physical, it doesn’t look like much. The walls are falling, many windows are broken, and there are dirt and debris everywhere. However, if you began to see this place through the eyes of faith, you can start to envision the space filled with people relaxing, drinking coffee, working on their laptops, and engaging in spiritual discussions. And, it is through the eyes of faith that we are beginning to get a real sense of excitement for all that God will do through this new outreach center!

Never, has there been a place like this in Tel – Aviv with such an opportunity to be in contact with the local people on a regular basis and in such a real way. It is our vision to make this place a spiritual oasis in the middle of Tel – Aviv. A place where the power of darkness of this world will have to stop at the door because the presence of God will not allow it to enter. Sure, they will come in for the inviting atmosphere and the delicious coffee, but there will be something in the spiritual realm so much more profound. They will feel that there is something more here, something inexplicable, something in the atmosphere of this little coffee house in Tel – Aviv that soothes their soul and brings peace to their hearts.
The guests will come back again for more. They won’t know why but they will be drawn back time and again and they will be met with the reality of the love of Yeshua through the people that make up His kingdom here on earth.
When I see this picture, the current state of the property no longer troubles me at all! I realize what this place will be, and how God will use it to bring glory to His kingdom.

We have spent years crying out to God for a location and this year; He answered our prayers.
Everything is in His perfect timing, and we believe that as we waited God was preparing us for the work that He is going to do.

We Need You!

As always we at Dugit can do nothing without your prayer and support. It is your prayers and your financial support that give us the ability to move forward here on the ground. This Coffee Bar is no different. We need your prayer support continually backing us and guiding us so that our ears will be tuned in to the voice of God. And we need your financial help so that we can complete this project. We ask that you would look into your hearts and if what we are doing here on the streets of Tel – Aviv holds true in your spirit that you would help us. Please give what you can! We are so anticipating the hand of God moving and touching people in the city of Tel – Aviv, and we want you to be a part of it!

Please pray that God would continue to supply the finances needed to complete renovations, as well as the wisdom required to navigate the various obstacles and options.

Please pray that God would send the right called and anointed staff members to operate the new center.

If you would like to give towards this Outreach Center, please visit our giving page at www.dugit.org/partner and select “Dugit Outreach Center” from the drop-down menu. You may also send cash or check to the USA office (address located on the back). Please include a note that says “Dugit Outreach Center.” Thank you!