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The Song of The Bridegroom

November, 2016

The Song of The Bridegroom

If you looked outside through your window anywhere in Israel on the morning of September 8th, 2015, you would have seen almost nothing.  The air was full of sand, dust, and more dust.  All the news coverage called it the worst dust and sand storm in the last 70 years in Israel.  Because of the storm, temperatures rose to around 100 degrees F with humidity levels just as high.

Yet, this was the day that Sara Mizrachi and her beloved groom Nati were to be joined together in the covenant of marriage.   As the day progressed, the weather only got worse. However, the couple refused to call off the wedding song-of-the-bride-2ceremony, which was to be held outdoors.  As Sara had quiet time in the morning with the Lord, she felt an overwhelming peace come over her, which showed her that everything was in the hands of the Lord who makes all things perfect.

That evening, at around 9:00 PM, over 500 people stood outside near the Chupa (a Jewish wedding canopy) in a beautiful wedding garden covered in dust.  Shofars were blown to signal the entrance of the amazingly beautiful bride who was shining with joy.  As her parents left her half way up to the Chupa, her handsome groom, Nati, ran to Sara beaming with joy and proceeded to cover her with the wedding veil.  During the ceremony, there was much joy and singing, which perfectly represented this beautiful couple.  The ceremony was finalized by the breaking of a glass cup, which the groom crushed after singing the words from Psalm 137…”if I forget thee oh Jerusalem…”

song-of-the-bride-3The rest of the evening proceeded comfortably inside with songs and dancing until the early hours of the morning.  As one person said, “There is so much joy here tonight.” There really was so much joy beaming both from the couple, the families, and the people surrounding. God be glorified for turning such a dusty day into a display of His power by filling the wedding and celebration of Sara and Nati with so much joy and life that will be remembered for years to come.