Dugit 2017 Living Stones Tour - Dugit

Experience Life as a Believer in Israel!

Dugit started the Living Stones Tour out of a desire that Avi and Chaya had to spend quality time in Israel with friends and supporters from around the world.  As Avi puts it, “Every year, many Christians from around the world come to visit Israel to see the historical sites but few actually connect with the community of local believers in the land, our goal is to provide an opportunity for visitors to not only experience the dead stones, but the living stones as well!”

Did you know that the believing community in Israel makes up less than 2% of the total population of Israel?  It is our goal to immerse each traveler in the reality of living as a believer in the land of Israel.  




“My Husband and I had been to Israel once before with another group, but this Dugit tour was far superior for many reasons.  We loved getting acquainted with Messianic Jews in the land and seeing Dugit’s ministry.”

“The last day we were in Israel a couple of the women got up early and met at the shore of the Sea of Galilee to pray.  This time was the most precious time for me with the Lord in Israel.”

Click here for more tour information including pricing and itinerary.  You can also send an email to stephen@dugit.org.