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VIP Prayer Tower

November, 2016

VIP Prayer Tower

  • History + Update

In 2002, Avi was invited to minister in Seoul, Korea.  While there, Avi experienced group prayer on a whole new level.  One day, when Avi woke up to pray at around 5:00 in the morning, he could hear thousands of people walking quickly in the streets as they made their way towards the church.  When he asked them where they were heading, he was surprised and happy to find out they were going to pray together.  He decided to go with them to see what they were talking about.  Once inside the church, a speaker got up and in a loud voice said, “Let us pray.”  All at once, the people started to pray loudly and fervently.  After the meeting, Avi went back to his room to pray. It was at this moment that Avi felt the Lord put it on his heart to build a house of prayer in Tel Aviv.

Soon after returning from South Korea, Avi searched for a place to make this house of prayer.  God opened a door for Avi to rent an old party dance club that needed to be cleaned, gutted, painted, and completely redone inside.  At the grand opening of the House of Prayer a couple months later, Avi gave each of the Messianic Believing leaders in Tel Aviv a key to the door of the house of prayer. This building was and still is the only prayer house in Tel Aviv.  When asked by the building manager what the name of the place would be, Avi thought for a moment and replied, “VIP,” because this building would be a place for “Very Important Prayer”.

Today, the house of prayer hosts between eight to ten prayer gatherings a week.  Every meeting has a different focus ranging from praying for our youth, to praying against prostitution, and to praying for our government to make Godly decisions.  It is our goal and prayer to see these prayer watches turn into many more prayer watches until we are praying a full 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Please join us in prayer for the Lord to raise up more prayer warriors to fight with us in prayer and lead these precious times with the Lord.

  • Youth and young adults unite in Prayer

At the end of last year Orel Mizrachi really felt on her heart to start a prayer watch in the VIP led by youth.  This watch would be led by youth from around the country and would focus on unity in Yeshua, and worship in one accord.  Since the beginning of this year we have hosted over 10 of these unique watches in the VIP.  People have joined us from various prayer houses in Jerusalem and other cities.  We have seen the amazing impact this has had on each young person as they take a part in leading worship and prayer.  These meetings are building a very strong connection between the youth in the body of Messiah.  Praise the Lord for His goodness!  Let us continue to ask the Lord to cover these young ones in His guiding and protecting wings from any and all attacks of the enemy that may come against them.

If you would like to contribute to the work of the VIP Prayer Tower, please visit ww.dugit.org/partner and select “House of Prayer” from the dropdown menu.  You can also send a check made out to “Dugit” to the following address (please include a separate memo “House of Prayer”)


PO BOX 60099

Jacksonville, FL 32236