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What happens when Abraham and Isaac meet in a hospital in Tel Aviv?

August, 2015

hospitalA month ago, I was walking down the street with my daughter, Debi, and I had a sudden terrible attack in my stomach. Debi took me to the emergency room, where they did a few tests and found that I had stones in my gallbladder. One of the stones had traveled toward and caused an infection in my liver. I was admitted and put in room 12, which is called the VIP room. Over the following 6 days, the Lord healed my liver. Every day I got better and better. The Grace of God is sufficient indeed.

Every day, the nurses put another patient in my room (VIP), which gave me the opportunity to minister to each one and share the love of God. Amazingly, each of these patients left the hospital with hope and full of smiles.

After I was released from the hospital, I had to follow a strict low fat diet for 3 weeks. Then, I was admitted to a nice hospital in Televiv to have my gallbladder removed. The morning of surgery, Chaya, my wife, and our daughters accompanied me to the hospital. At the reception desk, I had to give my watch, wallet, wedding ring, I.D., glasses – all my belongings – to my family and surrender totally to the doctor. Does this sound familiar? We have to give up our time, our money, and our view of life -everything – and surrender totally to the best doctor and healer, Yeshua, our Healer and Savior!

hospital2The surgeon name was Moshe (Moses), and the surgery went well (Praise the Lord). Thank you to all the saints for praying for me.  After the surgery, I was put in room number 8 (new beginning), where I remained for one night. My roommate’s name was Itzhak (Isaac). He had undergone a surgery right after me. He also is married and has two daughters. We became friends. During the night, he was in such terrible pain that he could not sleep. The nurse gave him pain killers, but it did not help. As we lay in our beds, I prayed for him, quietly. Then, in the middle of the night, the Lord put in my heart to ask him, if I could pray for him. He seemed surprised, but said yes! So I got up, stood by his bed, and prayed for him in Yeshua’s name. He looked at me and thanked me, but he wanted to know who Yeshua was. At that point, I was able to share the good news of our Messiah and risen Lord with him! After that, we both went to sleep in peace. Praise the Lord. In the morning, we were released to go home.

Please pray for Isaac. Pray for his salvation and for his whole family. Pray that those seeds will bring much fruit into the kingdom of God.  The Lord is good able!

Thank you for your prayers,