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A Word from the Director: Avi Mizrachi

November, 2016 avichaya-avis-article


A Word from the Director

Dear Readers, Prayer Partners, and Faithful Supporters,

As we write this note to you from the heart of downtown Tel Aviv we are filled with immense joy, because of the amazing things God is continuing to do here in the Land.

Through all trials and tribulations God is good and always faithful. He has brought us through this season by His awesome hand and outstretched arm, just as He did in the days of Moses and the people of Israel. As we celebrated the holiday of Passover, we remembered the TIME and PURPOSE that God had for both Moses and the people of Israel as He delivered them from slavery. We are reminded that each person on earth has a time and purpose to be delivered from the slavery of sin, through Yeshua as the perfect sacrifice.

Chaya and I thank God for each day we are given here in Tel Aviv, Israel to bring the good news of salvation to all who would hear. We pray that this purpose would be fulfilled in our days as Paul wrote in Romans 11- “And so all Israel will be saved…”

We here at Dugit are so grateful to you, our faithful supporters, for both supporting us with your precious prayers and financial support. God has used you mightily over the past few years to make a difference here in Tal Aviv and throughout Israel by enabling us to effectively preach the good news of Yeshua. We would like to encourage you to read through this edition of Dugit Magazine, and be truly blessed knowing what God has done here is because you have been faithful to Him.

We would also like to encourage you to come yourself and experience the land of Israel. You will always be welcome to visit our offices in Tel Aviv. We would love to share our testimonies of God’s greatness with you over a cup of coffee.

Our team and I pray that God will bless you and keep you in all your ways, that he would abundantly multiply your generosity, and that the Lord would shine His face upon each one of you.

Blessings in our Messiah,

Avi & Chaya Mizrachi