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DUGIT can be reached in the following ways:

Tel Aviv

Address: 5 Droyanov Street 18th floor
Tel Aviv, Israel 61111
Phone: +972 (0)3-621-2103
Email: info@dugit.org
URL: Dugit.org
Hours: Mo-Fri 11:00 to 18:00
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United States

Address: PO BOX 60099,
Jacksonville, FL 32236
Phone: +1-866-492-8031
Email: Dugit@dugit.org
URL: Dugit.org
Hours: T-Th 9:00AM-2:30AM
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Address: 83 Main St.,
Hockwold, UK IP26 4LN
Phone: +44-184-282-8565
Email: Dugit.int@dugit.org
URL: Dugit.org
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