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Street Evangelism:

Following a day of orientation where we train people in Jewish evangelism, groups can go out to do street outreach. Tel Aviv is an exciting place to do outreach, as the predominately secular population here is open and interested in hearing about Yeshua. We would like to invite your group to join us for a street outreach especially on a Thursday to invite people to our Dugit Live outreach.

Connect and Share:

If you have a busy touring schedule, we invite you to stop in for a briefly to hear firsthand what God has been doing here in Tel Aviv and throughout the Land of Israel. We would love to have you meet with our staff and Senior Pastor Avi Mizrachi (Adonai Roi Congregation) for a time of sharing and prayer together. We have a brief video we can show you and your group as well as answer any questions you may have.

Distribution Center:

Here we give out food and clothing to needy families, volunteers/group can help organize shelves of food and clothes, fold clothes, clean and assist in practical things.

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