Our Ministries

Our commitment is to be a living example of Yeshua the Messiah and preach the message of Salvation at all costs.


HaOgen is our outreach coffee shop where we invite people in for a cup of coffee and share the Good News. The coffee shop is staffed with evangelists ready to share the good news with every guest that comes in.

Dugit Distribution Center

Dugit Distribution Center is our outreach to the needy in Tel Aviv. We serve the poor, including single mothers, Holocaust survivors, immigrants and the elderly in partnership with the local municipality. Our staff shares the love of Yeshua by serving the least of these.

VIP Prayer Tower

VIP Prayer Tower is currently the only prayer room located in downtown Tel Aviv. We regularly welcome local believers to join us for prayer and worship. We also welcome visitors from all over the world to come pray with us from the 18th floor which provides panoramic views of our city. Our team also goes out into the streets for worship and prayer events monthly.

Adonai Roi

Adonai Roi “The Lord Is My Shepherd” Congregation meets weekly on Shabbat. We stream our services on YouTube and social media platforms as well. We actively reach out to the youth by hosting prayer, worship, service projects and more.

Welcome the King of Glory

Welcome the King of Glory prayer movement was born out of a desire from leaders from the far Pacific Islands to bring the Good News back to Israel where it originated. This annual meeting and partnership has fostered unity through repentance, prayer, worship and covenant relationship.

The Bat Zion Conference

The Bat Zion Conference is an annual event where women from all over Israel can come to receive ministry and teaching. During these anointed meetings we have experienced miracles, signs, and wonders.

Shelanu TV

Shelanu TV is the first network to share the Good News in Hebrew through television quality programming in Hebrew. Shelanu is the Hebrew word for “Ours”. This station is produced by local Israeli believers. Avi Mizrachi serves as the Chairman of the Board.

Living Stones Tour

Living Stones Tour is an annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but to meet the Living Stones in the Land. On this tour you will see the holy sites, but also see what it is like to live as a believer in Israel.

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