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In January 2010, Avi ministered in South Korea where he witnessed true dedication to prayer. He saw thousands of people; whole families heading to pray early in the morning before going about the rest of their day. After seeing this, Avi sensed the Lord leading him to go back to Tel Aviv and look for a place to build an altar to the Lord, focused on prayer.

The Lord miraculously opened door after door until finally the Tel Aviv Prayer Tower was established. Avi invited local leaders throughout the country to dedicate the center, giving them keys to the tower and providing them and the wider Body of Believers in Israel access to this Holy Place.

We also encourage visitors from around the world to spend some time in our prayer room praying over Israel, Tel Aviv, and Dugit.


We are beginning to see the first fruits of a great harvest that we believe is on the horizon in Tel Aviv. Because, of this, we have felt a special leading of the Lord to build a Global Prayer Team that can begin to pray consistently and specifically using monthly prayer objectives. If you would like to become a part of this team, or would like more information, please fill out the following contact form. Thank you!

Attend or Host A Regional Prayer Gathering

Stay tuned as we are looking to develop monthly regional prayer gatherings!