Who is Yeshua?

Yeshua is the promised Messiah to Israel and the nations. He is a Jewish man from Nazareth.

Do we hold services on Saturday or Sunday?

We believe that the Sabbath is on Saturday according to Jewish tradition, therefore, we have service on Saturday morning.

Do we celebrate Christian holidays like Christmas or Easter?

We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated the biblical feasts, therefore we celebrate those feasts according to biblical teaching.

Do we reach out to Jews and Arabs?

Yes, we believe that salvation is for everyone and share the Good News with all who are open to hear.

Why Tel Aviv?

To understand the importance of being a light in this city, we must take a look at its past, present and future. Tel Aviv-Yafo is both modern and ancient. Yafo (Jaffa, Joppa) is the southern part of the city and is almost 4,000 years old. For centuries it was the main port city on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Yafo was founded by one of Noah’s three sons, Yefet (Japheth). Later, the cedars of Lebanon came through Yafo on their way to Jerusalem for the construction of the second temple. This port city is in a strategic location, the gateway to Jerusalem and the East. It was conquered throughout history by various empires and served as a military beachhead.

The prophet Jonah was called by God to go from Yafo and bring mercy to the Assyrian people in Nineveh. In the book of Acts, Simon Peter, prayed for Tabitha to be raised from the dead. Shortly after he saw a vision to take the Good News to the gentiles. Almost immediately, he went to Caesarea to preach the good news to Cornelius and his men.

Tel Aviv is Israel’s modern secular city. It was founded on the sand dunes of north Yafo in 1909. By the 1930’s it had become another Mediterranean metropolis. It was called the “white city” for its sandstone facades and beaches. In 1948 Israel declared its independence in Tel Aviv. Supplies were provided from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in the War of Independence. The city population is 400,000 and the greater area population is 3.3 million. The Tel Aviv region contains more Jews per capita than any other place on earth. It is currently Israel’s center for commerce and trade, high tech, and the military, but it is widely known for its avid nightlife, beaches, sports and café culture.

Even though Tel Aviv has a rich biblical past, it remains in spiritual darkness. Though this is a Jewish city, the majority of the people have little faith in God and have turned to the occult for guidance. In the book of Joshua, the Tel Aviv area was given to the tribe of Dan. Sadly they gave up there territory to the Philistines, moved north and turned to idolatry. The city struggles with materialism and sexual immorality to this day. Tel Aviv is currently known as the number one homosexual tourist destination.

We know that the Lord is preparing a harvest in Tel Aviv. This city is still a gateway to the nations. As the Good News was sent out from here, we are starting to see the fruit of its return.

What is Avi’s testimony and the history of Dugit?

Avi was born in Tel Aviv to a Jewish family. After serving in the Israeli Air Force, he came to the United States to get rich in Las Vegas. He stopped to visit his sister in Gainesville, Florida. While he was there, his sister invited him to go to church. He was shocked that she would ask such a thing, but she convinced him to go. Avi was overwhelmed with the message of God’s love and His desire to have a relationship with His people. It was during that visit in 1984 that he accepted Yeshua as his Lord and Savior. Shortly after, he met his wife Chaya, they married and moved to Texas to attend Christ for the Nations Institute. Needless to say, he never made it to Las Vegas.

In 1987 Avi felt that they were to move back to Israel to serve the Kingdom among the Jewish people. In 1993 he founded Dugit Messianic Outreach. It started as a small coffee shop and outreach center. The Lord quickly began adding new believers to the community. In 1996 Adonai Roi Congregation was formed to serve and equip believers in the community. The Distribution Center became a way to reach out to the needy. In 2010 the VIP Prayer Tower was opened as a place for believers in Israel and from the nations to come to worship and pray.

How was the prayer room started?

In 2010, Avi was ministering in South Korea where he witnessed true dedication to prayer. Whole families would wake early to pray before going on with their day. When Avi returned to Tel Aviv he felt the Lord was leading him to build an altar of prayer in his city. Through a number of miraculous open doors the VIP Prayer Tower was established. Avi invited local pastors from Israel to come and pray. He provided them with a key and welcomed them to come to pray anytime the Lord put it on their hearts.

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