In the wake of tragedy, beneath the turmoil that has rattled the nation of Israel, Dugit Outreach Ministries has the opportunity to make a profound and lasting, perhaps even eternal, impact. In these days, when the very ground beneath our feet seems shaken, we are reminded of the call to be the hands and feet of Yeshua—bringing tangible love and solace to those gripped by uncertainty and pain.

Through the unwavering support of our partners, Dugit has become a vessel of grace. To the displaced, the jobless, the single parent struggling to make ends meet, to the lost and the forsaken, we have extended a hand laden with necessities—groceries to fill an empty table, supplies to support the valiant men and women in our defense forces.

But our mission reaches far deeper than the mere provision of physical aid. Each package of food, every blanket, and every warm meal becomes an opening to share the transformative love of Yeshua. As we meet the eyes of those we serve, we see the reflection of His compassion, His kindness that knows no bounds. We do not just deliver supplies; we deliver hope, and we share life. Last year we were able to bless other believers doing the good work of Yeshua in Israel with nearly $200,000!

These moments of connection, where hearts touch hearts in the midst of Israel’s darkest hours, are where true ministry happens. Each act of kindness becomes a silent sermon of the Good News. In the simplicity of our service, in the sincerity of our care, the love of Yeshua is whispered into the lives of the hurting.

Yes, Israel has faced trials of immense magnitude, but within these trials lie the seeds of redemption and renewal. Dugit is here, steadfast in faith, ready to nurture these seeds. Through our actions, we declare that even in the darkest night, Yeshua’s love remains a relentless dawn.

Yeshua is the hope and glory of Israel!