Spotlight on … OrEl

Recently we caught up with OrEl, who serves as the director of our VIP Prayer Tower. She is a talented musician and worship leader. OrEl has a heart to reach the lost and transform the city of Tel Aviv through worship and prayer.

How did the Lord lead you here to serve at Dugit Outreach Ministries?

I grew up in the ministry. I went out with my parents to all the different events from street evangelism, conferences, to prayers for our people—and absolutely loved it! I love praise very much and my heart blossoms when I praise God. This is where my service in the prayer room began. I started with a worship shift in the prayer room and after two years I became the room overseer. I find that standing in front of the windows and looking out over the buildings and the various people passing by inspires me to pray for Tel Aviv.

What is your greatest joy in serving with Dugit?

I must say the location of the prayer room up on the 18th floor is special and exciting. To come in the morning and open the curtains to the beauty of the sea, whether calm or stormy, and look out over Tel Aviv as it slowly wakes up is amazing. We can see most of the city. But I think the greatest joy for me is seeing the excitement of people coming from the nations to the prayer room. I see their passion for Tel Aviv in their eyes, prayers, and worship. In addition, hearing about prayers that are answered makes me very happy and just shows how great our God is. Our goal is to pray for Tel Aviv and see a breakthrough in our nation.

How did you come to know the Lord?

I had the pleasure of growing up in a believing family. At a very young age I was very sick and in danger of my life. My mother persistently prayed for me and after about six years, God healed me and gave me a second chance to live. And with this gift of a new and healthy life, I decided to dedicate myself to God because He gave me this chance to live again—not only physically, but also spiritually. That was when I accepted Yeshua the Messiah into my life.